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Purple Rose Design is the result of many years of creative exploration. There is such a thrill in having a simple, one dimensional piece of wire become a beautiful multi-dimensional  work of art in your hands. 

The addition of Semi precious Gemstones and other interesting beads and chains makes for some unique wearable art.

I incorporate a wide variety of quality materials that provide endless opportunities to imagine new and exciting designs. I love working with bare Copper and Copper that's been enamelled for color interest. Sterling Silver brings a special richness to wire weaving, adding a sparkle and weight to a piece that is unmatched. 

Another medium I enjoy using is Polymer Clay. This material allows me to create totally one of a kind focal beads and cabochons and to incorporate color that is not found in nature. Surrounding these treasures with wire weaving and some of natures semi precious gemstones elevates this simple clay to become a work of art.


About Purple Rose Design

Why Purple Rose?

A Purple Rose is rare, beautiful and has an iridescence that reminds me of the materials that I work with to create the Jewellery on this site.

The Wire, Gemstones and Crystals reflect light that remind me of the sunshine that nourishes the rosebush to burst into bloom.

The Designer

All of the designs I've shared with you are the work of my hands from my home studio located in south central Manitoba, Canada. 

I have no formal training. I have always been interested in many artforms , exploring different materials and have found Wirework addictive.

Custom Design

I would love to work with you to create that one of kind piece of wire wrapped Jewellery that would be uniquely yours.

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